On thrones she seated them, and lounging chairs...

Persuade your guests to idle awhile with Pramanian appointments from Iliad.


At the Feet of the New Horizon

Driven by restless exploration of the built environment and curiosity about the anthropological object, Iliad is a design project deeply influenced by experimental construction at any scale.

Solar is our new fresh air furniture collection that thrives on an excess of assembly. Weaving in natural accents and bowing in the breeze, these resonant pieces are expertly crafted to compliment liminal spaces.

Kurt Vonnegut Sunshine Cartoon

Launching at Wanted Design 2022

Feaster, Felicia. “Design Trend-Spotting in NYC.” HGTV, 5 July 2022



Every day she wove, but by torchlight she unwove it

The Project

An off-hours muse while designing for advertising, hospitality, and retail clients, the Iliad project started as a series of “I’ll see you and raise you one” Instagram posts inspired by the Brooklyn design scene that lead other creatives and design directors to nudge me to make and show work. My partners and I have landed on a collection with that same strange resonance and a pinch of scalability that we’re pleased to launch for New York’s 2022 Design Week.

The People

Iliad is a collaborative effort between creatives in Mexico City and Brooklyn. If you must know, Matt Howard is the gentleman hunched behind his monitor at the cluttered desk when he's not experimenting with wood bending in the shop or absorbing ersatz architecture as inspiration for his pieces. He worked for the artist Vito Acconci and Hanrahan Meyers Architects before tacking into spatial design for enterprise.

Industrial designer Mariana Medina helms production in her Mexico City based atelier.

Coffee Table Coffee Table

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Coffee Table Coffee Table

The right journey is motionless

as the sea moves round an island

A détournement through the world of design...


A dark wave sang out loudly about the stem...

With two collections under our zoster, we hope you'll make some discoveries of your own.

Times Collection

Times Collection

Renzo Piano × Terje Ekstrom × Jean Royère

Solar Collection

Solar Collection

Thonet redesigns the set of “Bonanza”