Grouping of pieces from Solar collection


At the Feet of the New Horizon

The shadow of Gae Aulenti’s “Locus Solus” (alone place) collection has brightened my moodboards for years. Meeting friends in Fort Greene Park for apéros on picnic blankets and road tripping around the Prairie last summer's lost summer prompted me to try my hand at an outdoor collection.

Similarities diverge beyond the bent tubing. For those furnishing their own exile, I see these as architectural fragments, like the pieces of New York buried in sand at the end of the “Planet of the Apes”. The loinclothed aboriginals occupying Superstudio’s or Archizoom’s sterile technotopias make camp in office buildings and build bonfires on monuments. We too aspire to the innocence of a fresh start and offer these calming contempo compositions for your new experiments in healthy outdoor socializing.

Kurt Vonnegut Sunshine Cartoon
E Faye Jones Pavillion at Powell Gardens. Kansas City, MO, USA. 1995.
Gae Aulenti Locus Solus Lounge Chair. Italy. 1964.
No-Stop City by Andrea Branzi (Archizoom). Italy. 1969.
Planet of the Apes. Pierre Boulle. France. 1963.


Solar is a fresh air furniture collection that thrives on an excess of assembly. Weaving in natural accents and bowing in the breeze, these resonant pieces are sure to compliment any colonnade.