“On our first day in a city that is new to us, we go looking for the city. We go down this street, around that corner. We are aware of the faces of passers-by. But the city eludes us, and we become uncertain whether we are looking for a city, or for a person.”

Victor Burgin, Some Cities

About Iliad

Heroic Journeys

It all started with a trip… Matt was living in Mexico City doing client work by morning and sightseeing in the afternoon. Finding casual strolls through la Roma left too much to chance and fearing the possibility of missing just the perfect wrought-iron grille or heart-rending deco facade, he began methodically walking the streets like the needle of a record player: first North to South streets, Tuxpan, Tlacotalpan, Taxco over the course of a fortnight, picking up each day where he had left off. Morning sketches blossomed.

One day, requiring only a slight variation to this encyclopedic exploration (after all, her building is situated on the corner) he saw the most beautiful tables and cabinetry spilling out of an open garage door. Like a vision of la Guadalupe shrouded in clouds of sawdust and mist from a paint sprayer, he found a young woman pottering on furniture projects directing a small crew from a space no larger than a family sedan. Taken with the rich wood grain, clean lines and care of assembly Matt was compelled to ask Mariana for her contact. Kismet!


Mile Markers

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We're a new studio pursuing opportunities to share our discoveries with inquisitive fellow travellers.

Photo: Carlos Ortega